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Planning, Property and Services

This committee deals with planning and development applications within the Beverley parishes. These include St Mary's West, St Mary's East, Minster North and Minster South. It also deals with the property and services owned and provided by the Town Council, as detailed below.

Beverley Town Council is not the "planning authority", i.e. the decision maker. This role is maintained by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. However Beverley Town Council are a consultee in ERYC's decision making process and can suggest approval or rejection of applications made within its parishes.

Please note: Beverley parishes do not include areas of Beverley leading off Lincoln way or Beverley Parklands which fall within Woodmansey Parish Council, nor Molescroft which also has its own parish council. Molescroft and Woodmansey parish councils are separate to Beverley Town Council, set separate precept (tax) levels and respond to planning applications within their own respective areas.


Beverley Town Council maintains five allotments within the Beverley parishes: Sparkmill Lane, Kitchen Lane, Queensgate. Keldgate and Lairgate.

Our handyman is responsible for maintaining the shared facilities at each site, and allotment holders are expected to maintain their plots to a reasonable standard. Allotment representatives from each allotment are invited to meetings of the Property and Services Committee on a quarterly basis, to discuss issues at each site for the attention of the Town Council.

If you would like to enquire about obtaining an allotment lease at any of these sites, please contact the committee via the Beverley Town Council Offices.

Handyman's Workshop

Beverley Town Council has set up a workshop for the Town Council Handyman.

Our aim is to facilitate the work we do with Beverley in Bloom and other groups, and the services we provide to allotment holders and other groups. We use the workshop to repair and maintain Town Council property for internal and public use, e.g. repairing benches, bins etc.


Beverley Town Council maintains the skatepark at Beverley Leisure Complex. The skatepark has proved a hugely popular hit since its introduction to the Beverley Leisure Complex and is used by young people who travel from all over the region.


Beverley Town Council provides and maintains many of the litter bins found on the streets of Beverley. You can distinguish 'our' bins by the Beverley Town Council logo displayed on them.

If you feel your, or any other street in the parishes of Beverley, requires additional litterbins, please contact the committee via the Beverley Town Council Offices.

Grit-bins and Winter Pavement Gritting

Beverley Town Council provides many of the grit bins located throughout the parishes of Beverley. This is a cost to the Town Council but provides residents with the means to grit their streets.

If you feel your, or any other street in the parishes of Beverley, require winter grit bins, please contact the committee via the Beverley Town Council Offices.

If you feel your, or any other street, is home to vulnerable people, please contact the committee to discuss pavement gritting via the Beverley Town Council Offices.

Please note: East Riding Council is the principle authority responsible for highway. Beverley Town Council's services supplement this statutory duty. For this reason we are not capable of gritting every street in the parishes of Beverley.


Beverley Town Council works in conjunction with Humberside Police and East Riding of Yorkshire Council to provide the CCTV in Beverley town centre, although we are the main funding body.

Please note: recorded footage is kept by Humberside Police at Beverley Police Station and, if not required as evidence, is destroyed when no longer needed.

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