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I was brought up in Cheshire, in an area not too different from Beverley. The nearest town was Chester and Beverley reminds me strongly of it, with its beautiful heritage and racecourse. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 20 years or so.


Local politics wasn’t something I’d intended on getting involved with, until recently when I found myself becoming one of those complaining about how things were done, without really much knowledge about the challenges faced by local councils. So I decided to do something about it and stood for Beverley Town and East Riding Councils at the last election.  I’m that kind of person, I like to roll my sleeves up and get involved.


I strongly believe in empowerment of local communities to determine their own future, to decide what services should be offered and how they should be run for the benefit of the whole community.  Whilst progress is inevitable, it should be managed in a way that is sustainable and sympathetic to the existing community and not driven by the financial gains of interests based many miles away, with little or no concern about the fabric of our community and environment.


The Beverley Party, with whom I stood as a group of independent-minded citizens, are going to be engaging with the people of Beverley over the next months and years to ask you what YOU want to happen to the place you and your families live.
Consider this an open invitation to come along to one of our open events and join the conversation.

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