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1st August 2014 - Remembering the Start of the First World War

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Friday 1 August - Toll Gavel Church at 7pm

Statues Cradling Toys – a drama by Rob Bell and The History Troupe based around Beverley’s War Memorial. Images, readings and songs.

The History Troupe is a group of writers, actors, musicians and artists exploring hidden histories from the bottom up. Formed in 2013, THT has built an impressive repertoire around the First World War and other topics.
Statues Cradling Toys is a performance combining the spoken word with music, songs and images from the period just before the outbreak of war to the armistice and on into the impact of war on the present day.

Local writer Rob Bell, was asked what the inspiration for the piece was:
"There are many images of the First World War crowding the media as the centenary gathers momentum. As I sat down to write a piece about the impact of the war on the East Riding, the image of the Memorial garden statues was the most poignant. Intended as four women with a symbol of the services and the medical corps in their laps; the statue reminded me of Mothers cradling toys as their children played."

Given this symbol he sets out to offer a context of Beverley and the hinterland on the Eve of war and then to take the audience through each year of the war as euphoria falls away and despair digs in. Rob Bell leads a cast including internationally renowned actress Cass Patton and emerging local talent Bruce Khan.  Andrew Thomson will take us through music hall piano; the well-known Hillbilly Troupe are joined by Nahro Zagros - an International class violinist.

In the words of one of the poems, they say that you die twice; first when you cease to breathe and then, when people stop talking about you.

Statues Cradling Toys is all about talking again about the many men who gave their lives in that terrible war and the impact that this had on the home front as well. This is history from a local perspective exploring how war impacts a local community; it is searching, poignant and entertaining - a unique insight into the impact of the First World War on the East Riding inspired by statues cradling toys.

Tickets £5 from the TIC and on the door.


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