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The 2019/20 Precept

Every financial year, Beverley Town Council has to produce a projected budget for the coming year.  From this, the Town Council asks East Riding of Yorkshire Council to place a charge on every rate payer within the four wards of Beverley.

This money covers the Town Council’s expenditure and running costs and is called the precept.

The amount each household pays is based on the Council Tax band in which their property falls, details of which are listed below.

The precept in 2018/2019 was  £267,469. The Band D for 2018/2019 was £43.35.

The precept for 2019/2020 is £296,106. The Band D for this precept is 47.88.  The precept has an increase of 10.2% due to the installation of additional CCTV and to 24 hour monitoring and recording of all CCTV in the town.

Some budget lines have been decreased to ensure the increase is the minimum possible.

The bands range from A, being the lowest to H, being the highest.  At the lower end, this equates to a weekly amount of £0.61 and the upper end will be charged £1.84.

Please click here for a budget break down and more information about the 2019/20 Precept.

Click here for information regarding the Precept for the previous year (2018/19).


Annual Return 2018/19

Please click here to view the Beverley Town Council Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the 2017/18 Financial Year.


Annual Return 2017/18

Please click on the following links to see information regarding Beverley Town Council's Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ending 31st March 2018:

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2017/18

External Auditor Report and Certificate 2017/18

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017/18


Council Payments Over £500

Below are PDF files containing information regarding all the payments over £500 that we have made to suppliers within the specified financial years. Publication of this information is part of our commitment to be open and transparent with our residents.

Click on the following link for details regarding these payments: 2019/20 (please note this sheet is still ongoing and will be periodically updated)

Information from previous years can be found below:

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