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Beverley Town Council: Northern Rail’s Economically Harmful Rail Proposal Must Be Scrapped. 


Beverley Town Council unanimously agreed a Motion opposing Northern Rail’s plans to scrap the direct rail links connecting Beverley to Doncaster and Sheffield. The Motion, presented by Councillor Ben Cooper, argued the changes to the 2018 timetable would unacceptably ‘harm and inconvenience the town’. It also called on Northern Rail to implement a full public consultation over any future changes that would affect Beverley.  


Beverley Town Council expressed its dissatisfaction at the lack of public consultation at the proposed changes. Despite committing to consult ‘stakeholders’, the Town Council has not been formally asked to have our say by Northern Rail on these changes, As the elected body closest to Beverley residents who are concerned and will be affected by this change, the Town Council’s chose to put its opposition on record.     


Councillor Ben Cooper said: “Connectivity is the prized commodity required for economic success, especially when an economy such as ours is so heavily dependent on tourism. The lack of a direct connection with Doncaster and Sheffield would not just narrow our options with these cities but with the all-important East Coast Mainline. I am deeply concerned that scrapping the direct rail links would reduce the number of visitors to Beverley, hitting our strong tourist industry and local businesses.”


Northern Rail has committed to provide an additional 2000 services per week by 2020 but this commitment seems to mean for Beverley fewer services, longer journeys and a worse overall experience. Requiring people to wait an additional 25 minutes – extending the current journey to Sheffield by nearly 25% - would inconvenience people travelling to and from the town.


Councillor Ann Willis, the Mayor of Beverley, said: “Beverley Town Council is opposed to these economically damaging changes that will further isolate the town and East Yorkshire. There is a strong case to keep these links. I call on Northern Rail to maintain this important rail service and consult more widely with the people of Beverley on future changes.”   

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