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The Turner's Trust

TURNER’S TRUST (BEVERLEY) - Charity Commission Number: 215957.

Are you employed as a domestic worker:

  • In a residence within EIGHT miles of Beverley Guildhall?
  • By one family for FIVE, or more, hours a week?
  • Have been in the same employment for FOUR, or more, years?

If you can answer YES to all three of the above questions you may qualify for an award of at least £100 from the Turner’s Trust (Beverley).

Closing date for applications is, Friday 19th October 2018

More details and Application Forms may be obtained from:-

The Clerk to the Trustees, Turner’s Trust (Beverley), Telephone: 01482 867958


Matthew Turner was a well to do printer who lived in Beverley.

He died in 1856 and his grave is in Coronation Gardens in Beverley.  He guarded jealously some of the town’s privileges and often criticised the Town Council when he considered they did not spend the taxpayer’s money correctly. He left several investments and decreed the income from one of these investments should be used to reward ladies in domestic service. They had to be of good character, ‘live-in” at their place of employment, which had to be within eight miles of the Guildhall, Beverley and have worked for the same family for ten years or more.

This began the Turner Trust, with the first Trustees, including Henry Edward Silvester (Mayor of Beverley) and Rev John Birtwhistle (Vicar of Beverley Minster). In their first year, working with capital of £800 they were able to grant awards totalling £718.

In the past 150 years many changes have taken place, residential domestic servants are almost non-existent and those who are employed are usually part-time.  In 1939 the number of applicants for the award, the majority of whom were residential was about 100.

By 2011 those qualifying for an award had reduced to 11 and non were residential. But the charity Turner began still makes annual awards, although with the Charity Commissions agreement the criterion for the awards has changed.

Candidates still need to live within eight miles of Beverley Guildhall but now need only work for the same family for more than five hours a week and  have worked for them for four or more years. Awards start at £100.  Trustees still include the Mayor of Beverley and the Vicars of The Minster and St Mary’s.



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