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Kingston Kayak Club - Beverley Beck Litter Pick

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18 12 02 Beverley Beck Litter Pick KKC Group 1


Beverley Town Council says "Well done"  and   "THANK YOU"  to all volunteers from Kingston Kayak Club on the litter pick at the Beck on 2nd December.


They have reached places boats and pedestrians are unable to.

They collected 10 good tubs / sacks of rubbish (3 large sacks of plastic bottles, 1 large sack of aluminium cans, 1 large sack of glass and the rest ranged from polystyrene, plastic sheeting, fabricated wood, and hard plastics such as small bins to a kettle and lots of soft plastics such as crisp packets, carrier bags and wrappers)

The club members talked with many local residents and the response on social media was also very encouraging.

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