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We will remember them

We will remember them


War Poem by Aaron Parker 


Remember, remember, remember their names, For they gave their lives to save ours.
They went through pain truly insufferable, unfathomable, Praying up to Heaven and the stars.
They walked full of valour,
And their colours, they showed,
Before they bled the grounds red.
We shall never view the image in full,
What horrors they went through,
Our gratitude and our prayers to the dead.
So we can see the majestic crimson streaks, As the sun rises and sets, And how we can be in a land that is free.
Oh, how blessed we are,
We owe them an eternal debt,
We can never match what they gave us to see.
Mercifully grateful, mercifully we wait, As that moment ticks by on the clock.
So we can devote part of our time,
And remember their deeds,
Those paladins of our race who were shot.


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