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Beverley Town Council Precept 2020-21

At the end of each Financial Year, Beverley Town Council has to produce a projected budget for the one to come.  From this, the Town Council asks East Riding of Yorkshire Council to place a charge on every rate payer within the four wards of Beverley.

This money covers the majority of the Town Council’s expenditure and running costs and is called the Precept.

Following the meeting of Full Council on Monday 13th January 2020, Beverley Town Council has set the Precept for the 2020-21 Financial Year at £291,414.  This is a 2.09% decrease.

For context, the new precept for a Council Tax Band D Property in 2020/21 will be £46.88, a reduction of £1.00 (2.09%), based on the current financial year.  Residents can find the amount of Precept they pay on their Council Tax bill, which comprises payments to East Riding of Yorkshire Council (including Adult Social Care and Special Expenses), Humberside Fire and Rescue and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Beverley Town Councillors has been minded to not reduce the services the Town Council provides and have therefore resolved to use finances held in reserves to cover the decrease, whilst also increasing spending on some budget lines.

  • The three aims for Town Councillors during their current four years of office are:
  • To make Beverley a cleaner and greener place in which to live, work and be happy.
  • To make Beverley a town where everyone matters and people pull together.
  • To deliver financial value for the taxpayer.

During the 2020-21 Financial Year, Councillors will be focusing on a range of projects to help fulfill these aims, including:

  • Enhancing community safety through the purchase of state-of-the-art mobile CCTV cameras, which the police will manage and deploy to crime hot spots around the town as needed.
  • Environmental initiatives to help make Beverley cleaner, such as investment in extra litter bins, grit bins and dog waste bag dispensers.
  • Brightening up the town with financial support to enhance the wonderful work of Beverley in Bloom and Christmas Lights volunteers.
  • Bringing the people of Beverley together, by not just continuing the award-winning events Beverley Town Council is renowned for, such as the Food Festivals, but this year Councillors also want to mark the 75th anniversary of VE day with a community celebration and are planning the town’s first Pride event.

For more information about Beverley Town Council's finances please click here.  A Precept breakdown sheet will be circulated to residents with their Council Tax bill.

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