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Vision Statement

The May 2019 elections introduced a significant number of new faces around the Council table; 10 new elected members out of a total of 14.

Councillors held their first meeting of the new Council in mid-May 2019 and decided immediately that they wanted to work collaboratively across the political divide and create an ambitious Council that wants to do all it can to make Beverley a better place for everyone; a cleaner, greener town where everyone matters. 

The Council is elected and funded by the residents of Beverley through your Council Tax precept.  Councillors have a responsibility to clearly communicate the priorities of the Council to the town, especially about how they spend public money.

After the election, one of their first decisions was to lay out a strategic plan, which is constantly evolving.  Councillors want Beverley people to contribute to it going forward, as the Town Council doesn’t belong to its Councillors or employees, but to the 19,000 residents who live within the town’s boundaries.

As a starting point, Councillors have identified three key strategic ambitions which will guide everything that they do. These are:

  • Making Beverley a cleaner and greener place to live, work and be happy.
  • Making Beverley a place where everyone matters, and people pull together.
  • Making Beverley Town Council’s finances and organisational structure clear, so that people can understand how their money is spent.

The plan builds on these three ambitions and identifies some of the actions they are planning to achieve them.  The Council believes that by prioritising efforts in this way, the organisation will be more effective in making decisions which affect our town and its people.

All Councillors and the Town Council's small but hardworking staff team endeavour to do their very best for Beverley, building on the Council’s past successes and achievements.

In these uncertain times as the nature of local government changes, Town Councils like this must play an increasingly important role in helping to maintain and enhance local quality of life.  Town Councillors aim to ensure that Beverley Town Council is able to rise to this challenge, by recognising historic Beverley's rich heritage whilst at the same time embracing an exciting future.


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